Mineral Complex

A blending of health and nature, luxury and science. These are the qualities that have made Borghese world famous. And, nowhere are they more apparent than in our exclusive Acqua di Vita® Mineral Complex. It is what gives each Borghese skincare product the power to virtually reverse the visible signs of aging on surface skin. Sourced from the hills of Tuscany, it's unique blend of minerals and botanicals constitute a rare scientific breakthrough in firming and anti-aging products.

The Dermatological Institute in Tuscany was established to research the rejuvenating effects of spa therapy, specifically rejuvenating mineral waters and mud treatments. Their research on Borghese Acqua di Vita® has shown the exceptional effect it has on skin. The natural energizers contained within this complex help oxygenate skin, assisting in energy transfer and cell metabolism.

Nutrients found in our Acqua di Vita® Mineral Complex lock in water and provide elasticity and moisture nourishment to skin cells.

These amino acids are essential to moisture balance in the skin. It also contains minerals to strengthen the cell wall and more effectively maintain moisture balance. These minerals actually attract moisture to the skin and include Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Chloride, Bromide, Iodide, Sulfate and Carbonate. Acqua di Vita® takes the Borghese spa tradition to the highest level. It has proven that it can effectively help brighten the complexion, regulate skin function, and rebuild damaged tissue. All for beautiful, healthy, glowing skin.