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7-Piece Head to Toe Skincare & Tote Set

Body Care & Skincare Set
A great skincare regimen for your face is key, but don’t neglect your body from the neck down! Great skincare for your body begins with the soap you choose for bathing. Our Bagno di Vita foaming shower gel helps hydrate and soothe as it nourishes your skin. Follow that with our customer-favorite Tono Body Creme. This set also enables you to pay close attention to your hands and eye area. It’s a complete body care set that’s easy to enjoy.
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      Set Includes:

      • Bagno di Vita Foaming Shower Gel, Full Size
      • Tono Body Creme, 2.5 oz
      • Crema Saponetta Creme Cleanser, Full Size
      • One Deep Hydration Hand Sheet Mask Packette
      • Deep Hydration Finishing Treatment, 0.5 oz
      • One Restorative Eye Sheet Mask Packette
      • Black Borghese Signature Tote Bag