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Double Ended Brush Set


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Cosmetic brushes selected for the expert application of all face and eye makeup.

  • Perfect for blending and contouring all face powders
  • Allows you to blend both liquid and powder products
  • Allows you to build and blend eye shadows effortlessly
  • Muilt-purpose eyeliner brush that can create a precise or soft finish
  • A soft, supple and fashionable brush bag keeps your cosmetic brushes in pristine condition and in perfect order

How to Use: 

First apply foundation and concealer using the Foundation & Concealer brush. After use the Powder & Angled Blush brush to apply powder contour, setting powder, and blush. After applying the powders, use the Eyeshadow & Dome Smudge Brush to appy eyeshadow and smudge if desired. Finally, use the Flat Eyeliner & Smoky Liner Brush to create a precise or soft finish.

Set Includes:
  • Powder & Angled Blush Brush
  • Foundation & Concealer Brush
  • Eye Shadow and Dome Smudge Brush
  • Flat Liner & Smoky Eyeliner Brush


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