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7-Piece Classic Makeup Set

Everyday Makeup Set
Think of this set as a simplified beauty routine that delivers outstanding results. Our Prima Viso Face Primer helps ensure a uniform finish to your foundation enabling it to glide on evenly and last all day. The complete set also includes eyeshadow, mascara, an eye-defining pencil and two lip glosses formulated to help make vertical lines and wrinkles appear less noticeable. “You look great!” (Get used to hearing it.)
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      Set Includes:

      • 5 Shades of Torrid Eyeshadow Palette
      • Prima Viso Face Primer
      • Eye Defining Waterproof Pencil, Brown
      • “Sweet Talk” Shine Infusion Lip Gloss
      • “Devotion” Shine Infusion Lip Gloss
      • Ottima Volumizing Black Mascara
      • Green Signature Wristlet