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Self-Care Redefined

A legacy of Italian beauty comes to life in effective treatments for face and body, for any lifestyle


Though her entrepreneurial endeavors were seen as radical at the time, our founder Princess Marcella Borghese successfully altered the beauty landscape by igniting the AT-HOME SPA EXPERIENCE.

The Borghese family name is as eternal as the city of Rome, synonymous with Italian refinement and royalty. The influence of the Borghese family stretches to architecture, art, culture and beauty. Drawing inspiration from her family heritage and Tuscan spa retreats, Princess Marcella Borghese began what has become the preeminent Italian-inspired beauty brand.

Each skin and body offering is carefully crafted with rich botanicals inspired by Italy's lush landscapes, coupled with modern-day science, to deliver preventative skin care solutions and ‘me time’ that fits with any lifestyle. 


FANGO MUD’s rejuvenating properties are legendary. Inspired by the mineral-laden volcanic hills of Tuscany, Borghese was the first to respect the synergy between health and nature, luxury and science. 

Mineral-enriched mud with a blend of extracts and oils, Fango is fundamental to the Borghese beauty regimen.  A mud mask treatment to help purify, enhance skin elasticity, fight environmental pollution and smooth skin.  


A pioneer in the mask category, there is nothing else quite like it. An effective treatment that delivers results in just 5 minutes. True to the Borghese philosophy and the Italian Spa Culture, Fango is an experience made for both face and body. 


Dr. Grace Ayensu-Danquah is an American trained General Surgeon, Burn and Burn Reconstructive Surgeon: board certified by the American College of Surgeons as well as a fellow of the International College of Surgeons. Our expert has over 15 years of (extensive) experience working with human skin and skin substitutes. 

As a burn surgeon running a level 3 burn center, Dr. Grace Ayensu-Danquah had the opportunity to study and grow human skin in the lab, using autologous skin for grafting. She also used several skin substitutes from fish skin to pig skin and various artificial skin substitutes for temporary replacement of human skin in people with over 20% total body surface area skin loss. This has given her extensive insight into the anatomy, physiology, and appearance of human skin.

“The product works. It keeps my skin youthful, wrinkle free and radiant. My consistent advice to my patients is to start at an early age with a Borghese skin care regime and commit to daily usage; it will serve as an insurance policy for future aging...”

Dr. Grace

Free Shipping on US Orders of $75 or More


Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are $75 away from free shipping.
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