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Crema Ristorativo 24 Moisturizer

Hydrating Daily Moisturizer
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A moisturizer that lasts as long as you do. Crema Ristorativo-24 Continuous Hydration Moisturizer boasts 24 hours of continual hydration and is the ultimate indulgence for skin that looks gorgeous and glowing. Infused with two patented ingredients & powerful marine extracts, this lightweight, gel-cream formula combats dryness while protecting skin against environmental stressors. Skin feels velvety soft and supple with a youthful-looking radiance.

  • Moisturizes the upper layers of the skin for 24 hours using Moist 24™, a botanical moisturizing agent
  • Helps protect skin's DNA from external influences
  • Protects skin against the damages of UV radiation with two varieties of seaweed
  • Hydrates and energizes skin with our signature Acqua di Vita Complex
  • Size - 1 oz.

  • Vitamin E is an antioxidant that fights against free radicals and sun damage
  • Bio-Nymph Peptide Complex shields skin from free radical damage
  • Watermelon Extract moisturizes and promotes cell regeneration
  • Acqua di Vita Complex hydrates and energizes

How to Use: 

Apply to cleansed and toned face and neck. Use morning and evening.


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